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Mark L. Grosko, D.D.S., Inc.


My experience was wonderful in getting a root canal for the first time. I had heard from everyone that I'd talked to that had this procedure and heard it was a horribly painful procedure. I was pleasantly surprised to have experienced no pain what so ever during this procedure.


Dr. Grosko thank you so much for your extra care. I have been to 8 other dentist offices and none compared to the service and care received in you care. I will tell everyone to call your office first. Thanks again.


I would like to say that I had 2 root canals by Dr. Grosko and I was nervous before the 1st one, but afterwards felt just fine. Dr. Grosko and staff made me feel welcome and at ease. Thank you, so very much Dr!


I had a very good experience at the office of dentist of Mark L. Grosko. They made my root canals very painless and very easy to get through. The staff is wonderful I would recommend the office to anyone needing treatment.


I was very scared and they talked to me the whole time told me everything that was going to happen and why it happened so that made me very comfortable. And now I have better teeth. Thank you.


Lindsey 15 was a bit scared to have root canal procedure done but now she's glad she had this done. She was most scared of getting put under with anesthetic. Thank you very much for helping my daughter Lindsey.


I just had a root canal with Dr. Grosko. I was pretty nervous going in, as you hear so many horror stories... I'd rather keep putting it off. Like the old saying "worse than a root canal". I kept waiting for the pain, but it never came. It was a more intense procedure than a regular filling, but honestly did not even hurt as bad. So I guess the saying is outdated. Never again will I be nervous about a root canal. Piece of cake!


Thank you for your kindness through this traumatic experience.